IFW Textures Mac

IFW Textures Mac V1.0

IFW Textures software program enables designers to create simple and complex objects

IFW Textures software program is a set of 136 procedural shaders for Lightwave 5. 6+ and Inspire 3D. They cover all types of materials surfaces and textures.

They can be fully animated allowing many different special FX to be created. They are available in Intel format. Procedural shaders are used for simple surfaces because they use very little memory and as support for texture mapping.

Both basic and expert shaders can simulate several surfaces. With IFW Textures software program, the 136 possible shaders means that there are endless combinations.

Expert shaders include aluminum, steel, chrome and bubble while basic shaders can alter your images from matte to lacquer depending on your project.

The ability to animate the shaders allows your projects to take on the intensity of a 3D animation. Mapping and transparency options both allow the user to create objects with an X-ray vision quality.